The platform makes it possible to experience sounds through the vibrations it emits, fostering a greater knowledge of one’s body as a result


Its light and colours make it a complete sensory experience, and the reproduction of the elements of nature is enhanced by chromatic nuances.


The sensory platform is made of multilayer wood, treated with non-toxic colours. The wood is a reminder of the ancestral relationship between man and nature.

Unique Sensations

The sensory platform has a variety of functions, facilitating and complementing “muscle memory”, and is a valuable tool for mapping out learning or rehabilitation programmes. Its possible uses include:

Music therapy
Dance therapy
Whole body listening
Speech therapy
Sound massage
Psychomotor development

Feel at peace with the world

The sensory platform’s uses are not limited to a therapeutic context, and it is ideal for courses of yoga and pilates in that it promotes relaxation and concentration.

Your custom-made platform

Customise your sensory platform according to your needs and tastes. Choose from a wide range of shapes and colours.

  • Size
    120 x 180 x 15 cm
    Customization on request.

    Screw clamps

    Multicolour RGB LED with remote control for changing colour

    Customization on request

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Magic Music partner Contattodedo

Project “Sound<>Wellbeing” funded by POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020

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